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Chicken Hearts    10

grilled milk bread, green mole

Surf & Turf    12

skate cheeks & sweetbreads, fish sauce caramel, marinated red onions

Lamb Tongue Fries    10

"seasonal" ketchup

Pig Skin Rillette    12

beef ramen fat, spring vegetables, pickles, sourdough


Blood Sausage    17

coconut broth, Thai basil oil, crispy rice croutons

Lamb Tartare     18

lamb hearts, charred beans & peas, egg yolk

Smoked Octopus     16

charred scallion, kimchi, basil aioli

Brigantine Oyster Co. Half Dozen     18

daily preparation

Mussels Red     18

mussels escabeche, tomato water, basil, fra diavolo bread crumb

Poussin     18

miso eggplant, lychee, oregano

Squash     13

whole grain mustard vinaigrette, squash blossoms

By Catch Of The Day     M.P.

summer succotash, corn broth


Grilled Artichokes     20

smoked egg emulsion

Beef Shin     78

green curry, lettuce cups, pickles

Pork Kan Kan     75

strawberry vinaigrette, gooseberries


Radishes    10

vegetable ash butter

Charred Rabe     12

boquerones vinaigrette, garlic breadcrumbs, ash duck yolk

Carrots      12

peanut pesto


Chocolate Pig's Blood Gelato     10

collaboration with Homemade By Bruno

Basque Style Cheesecake     10

fermented blackberries





stateside vodka, house dill pickle brine, beet juice, caraway



mezcal, smoked green tea, charred grapefruit, pineapple, jalapeno



overproof rye, gin, cynar, all the bitters



vodka, prosecco, aperol, mango shrub


BEE SHIN    14

gin, charred citrus honey, chartreuse, tarragon, lemon



wood smoked egg white, bourbon, lemon



watermelon, ginger, turmeric vinegar, house made zero proof campari, citrus



mandarin puree, gochujang, ginger, barley, lime



house made zero proof spirits campari, cynar, gin



pomegranate, blackberry, ginger, smoked grapefruit shrub



2SP Back & Forth    7

american pale ale, 5% abv

Big Oyster Solar Power Wit   7.5

wheat beer, 6% abv

Dogfish Head 60 Minute   7.5

american ipa, 6% abv

Evil Genius Stacy's Mom   7.5

citra inda ipa 7.5% abv

Love City Lager  7

american golden lager 4% abv

Workhorse Brewing  7.5

yuzu saison 6.3%

New Trail Brewing Broken Heels  7.5

hazy ipa 7%

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Wayward Wheat  7

bavarian-style wheat ale 5.2%

Workhorse Brewing Margarita  7

key lime gose 4.9%

Flying Fish Hazy Bones  7.5

hazy ipa 6.3%




Frizzante Prosecco   10

Domaine de Cabrials Chardonnay    10

Morande Sauvignon Blanc      10

Morande Rose    10


Borgo Lame Langhe Nebbiolo     10

Terre di Chieti Montepulciano     10

Poggio Anima Nero D'Avola         10

Antonio Maccieri Lambrusco Dry     10



Chateau Les Carrelets Bordeaux Blanc 2018     40

Smooth opening with lime and grapefruit in the lead. Buttery mid palate finishing with mild tannins.

Familie Bauer Gruner Veltliner Neidererosterreich (1L)  42

Fresh and fruit forward with a hint of effervescence. Featuring zippy, high toned fruit and minerality busting out all over. Grapes grown organically in the centuries old rich soil near the Danube River make for a wine that presents crisp acidity and solid citrus flavor with a pleasing touch of white pepper.

Lagar de Indra Albarino Rias Baixas Gallcia 2019      44

The clean nose is fairly neutral except for hints of apple and stone fruits, while a round and healthy palate shows moderately bright acidity, along with flavors of melon and lime. It has a clean finish with hints of apple, citrus and stone fruits.

Albert Seltz, Alsace Riesling Reserve 2016     54

A dry, medium bodied Riesling with a fresh citrus and green apple bouquet. The palate has riper lemon and apple and pear flavours, with typical Riesling varietal characteristics. Fine crisp acidity, good minerality and a clean finish.

Lemelson Tikka's Run Pinot Gris Willamette Valley 2017      56

This wine has bright pear, lemon peel, melon and white flower notes that go into a long, mineral and citrus-driven finish. A good fraction of this wine was barrel fermented, which really helps round out the richness of the wine and bring it into balance with the wine's crisp, acidic backbone.

Domaine de la Terre Rouge Enigma 2013    78

Aromas suggest almond blossoms, honey, and acacia with hints of tangerine and papaya. Flavors are creamy with peach, apple, and quince impressions competing for your attention. The finish is crisp with classic white Rhône stone (peach) fruit pit flavors that intermingle with the subtle mineral tones from this rocky site.



Pederzana Gibe Lambrusco 2012     31

There's a vein of sourness, astringency and thinness in the mouth followed by bright berry fruit and plump cherry. This is a light and straightforward bubbly Lambrusco that offers a good introductory view of this traditional Italian bubbly red wine

Bairrada Duckman Espumante Bruto NV     57

A funky skin contact natural wine from Portugal. Gentle with soft bubbles and notes of banana, tangerine, yeast and minerals.

Roger Goulart Gran Cuvee Josep Valls 2011     57

This natural wine offers a complex mix with its aromas and flavors of dried earth, ripe apple, light chalkiness, lemon character and plenty of bread-dough undertones. Full-bodied, rich style.


Castello di Stefanago, Provincia di Pavia, Pinot Grigio, “Macerato” 2019     78

Aromas of honey, melon, peach, pineapple with dry, medium acidity. Light body with flavors tangerine, peach, lychee, pineapple. Lovely, fragrant, beautiful wine!


El Porvenir Amauta Absoluto Malbec Cafayate 2018    34

Roasted, blackened berry aromas are gamy and herbal and suggest hot blacktop. On the palate, this Cafayate Malbec is tight and gritty in feel. Oaky berry and plum flavors are herbal and buttery, while the tannins are hard on a finish with a green note.

Kokkinos Naoussa Xinomavro 2015  35

A light flavourful and spicy wine. Aromas of pepper, leather, herbs, green pepper, licorice and black berries. Palate is rich with spicy tannins. The persintant finish is full of red fruit jam and wood, with slightly bitterness from stems.

Familie Bauer Bassgeige Zweigelt Wagram 2016    42

The 100% Bauer Zweigelt is from 10-40 year old vines grown on a mix of soils in Grossriedenthal. The wine is fermented in stainless steel with native yeasts and aged in tank for six months. The result is a juicy, vibrant wine brimming with fresh red fruit flavors complimented by a clean, snappy acidity.

Carussin La Vi Barbera d'Asti     48

Ruby red in color. Nose of red and dark fruits, tobacco, herbs, leather, iron earth and oak. Juicy, dry, smooth, medium acidity with a long finish

A.A. Badenhorst, Swartland Secateurs Red Blend 2018    50

The aromas are perfumed, peppery, spicy and exhibit ripe red fruit notes. As always, the palate texture of this style of wine is supple, smooth on the entry but with enough grip and freshness to finish dry and refreshing. In the mouth the texture and fineness of fruit tannin and drinkability of the wine is immediately evident.

Domaine de Clovallon Pinot Noir 2019   64

Floral, grassy and peppery on the nose. Tannic with a nice acidity and a medium body. Interesting pinot with highlights of pink and purple spices and wild red fruit.

Ameztoi Stimatum Txakoli de Getaria 2018   64

Delightfully fresh and magenta hued red wine, with a slight effervescence. Loaded with wild strawberries and hints of violets, this juicy red wine shines when served with a light chill.

Lagravera Costers del Sgre Onra Negra 2013      69

Elegant red wine with a punch. Deep ruby red color with strong tears. Playful nose with fresh plum and wild blackberries, freshly ground black pepper and Mediterranean spices. Smooth round flavor with plenty of elegance yet mouth-fillingly ripe in the finale.


Sun Goddess Pinot Grigio Romato 2019     43

The bouquet is intense and complex, with hints of fruits (peach, melon and berries). On the palate it is round, with a pleasant acidity, soft tannins and a finish rich in mineral sensations. With origins in Italy’s northeastern province of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Yamato (Italian for “auburn” or “copper”) wines are produced by macerating Pinot Grigio grape must with its skins.

Ostatu Rosato Rioja     45

Soft and bright pink with salmon and onion skin hints. Intense aroma of red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, currants), some citrus sign (orange peel) and fine minerality. Very fresh and balanced on the palate, very good acidity, greasy and with dimension. Alive ending with great balance of flavors, fruitiness and warmth.

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